Objects and A Place

I wanted to photograph a place and objects that I either use almost every day and that has become very sentimental. I picked McEwen Communication Building as my location because my life is in McEwen. When I am not in class (which most of the time is in McEwen) I am either in the editing suits, in the studios, working in the building or doing homework/hanging out outside the studios. Thus, I thought it would be fitting to pick McEwen as my location. Two of the three objects I picked are found inside McEwen.

My first object was inside Control Room A because I spend a lot of time in there. I picked the technical director bored because that system made me fall in love with the behind the scenes of production. Plus, its very pretty and fun to mess with. My second object is my laptop and I chose my laptop for two reasons. The first, all my stickers represent everything that I am involved in on campus and what is important to me.  Secondly, as a college student I am always on my laptop either for school, searching the web or watching Netflix. The last object was Elon After Hours mug and notecard. I just became the executive producer and producer of the show this semester. Being the EP and producer has constantly consumed my life this semester so it’s very important to me.


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