Magazine Covers

I decided to go with Vogue Magazine as my covers for both of my issues. For both covers I took inspiration from past Vogue magazine covers. For the male cover starring my friend Evan I wanted the focus to be all about the client (the person on the cover). I noticed looking through past male Vogue covers that if the guy isn’t a model/celebrity they had to have done something big or heroic (plus have good fashion sense). Thus, what is bigger or more heroic than saving the President of the United States. For the female Vogue cover I picked one of my favorite celebrities Selena Gomez. I wanted to keep the artistic feel of the background which is why I went with light colors. In addition,some Vogue covers are very simple and not covered with a lot of overpowering text. I wanted my cover to have three characteristics simple, classy and intriguing which I believe I implemented well.


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